Our Vision  

To revolutionize the way space is created and renovated in Dallas.

Our Mission 

Summey Industries’ mission is to build right.

Our Values

  • Communication - We use in house employees to shorten the supply chain and to team-manage each project. We aim to deliver premiere customer service to a client who values proper building practices. We believe integrity means honesty without omission or exaggeration. We practice truth-telling at the risk of profit. 
  • Efficiency - We have a system of refined processes that consolidate our jobs’ timelines. We offer the best "True Cost” - meaning our bid may appear higher, but it is the actual cost of the job, not a “ rounded down” estimate made in hopes of acquiring the business. We hire only legal workers, we retrieve permits, and we pay our taxes.  
  • Giving Back - We believe that building right is about serving others — both our clients and those who cannot afford to maintain their homes. Local service projects round out our Mission to “ build right,” and our ability to give back is a primary indicator of our success. 





Start from scratch to build your dream home. Work with an architect and interior designer to add to your home or scrape it entirely.

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 Update your home in the areas it's dated. From taking out walls to rethinking the floor plan; from removing old tile, to creating the master bathroom of your dreams. If you can dream it we can build it.

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