Why it matters how long a contracting company has been operating

Contractors of all kinds have the reputation for closing up shop. You aren’t happy, you threaten a lawsuit: they change their number, open a new LLC and you are ... left unhappy. The length of time a company has been operating under one name and one owner is an indication of their staying power. It is an indication of it's ability to resolve conflict, as unresolved conflict can lead to lawsuits. And it's an indication of the company's ability to satisfy their customers, who ultimately are the main source of marketing.

Summey Industries has been operating as such since 2008. This was a year the residential housing market was in a slump. Since many companies don't make it past their first year in business, and since the market was down, we believe that sustaining beyond that first year was a particular victory for us. We are pretty proud of that year of establishment. 

Naming the company with our owner's last name was also a very conscious decision. A name holds with it a reputation. You can't use the same name again if you close up shop and start over. By using the name Summey, we have put some skin in the game in terms of operating with integrity. Our name and reputation are on the line, with every project.

9 years later we have had some great clients turn into friends (and some great friends become clients as well!) While building, renovating or redoing your space is a highly personal and invasive process, we trust that our ability to resolve frustration, admit mistakes, make amends, and make it right is a key attribute keeping us in business and keeping customers calling back. 

Thank you for your trust in us the past 9 years, and here's to many more!

Building Right,

The Summey Industries Team