A Master Bath Retreat

North Dallas

North Dallas

We love when we meet with a client who has already prioritized their design desires and their practical needs. This particular client knew her goals:

1. The his and hers division of this bathroom was outdated, and the goal was better flow

2. The design of the space needed updating, and the goal was a lighter feel

3. The tub area was not well fitted for splashing; the goal was a big tub to bathe grandkids in without fearing the floors getting wet if (when) they splashed


Before a job we try to make sure we really understand a customer. What are your goals? What do you want to spend? What is your trajectory with the space (ie if you are adding on an office but see it becoming a nursery at some point, how can we give you what you want now without causing more work/dollars for the future project), etc. That this repeat client was able to identify both her aesthetic and practical desires from the initiation of the project meant that we were able to begin on drawings smoothly and swiftly. The client needed a little help creating her vision so our in house designer helped narrow down selections and pair them with things the client had already purchased. We demolished multiple walls to open up the space. We removed a hot water heater (adding a tankless system to the attic) to add both square footage and endless hot water for the house). New tile, his and hers vanities, and the aforementioned expansive shower with tub reinvented the space. The end result was a happy client (our first priority every time). It was also a lovely new space for multiple generations to enjoy! 

Building Right,
Tim Summey